a thing of beauty: triple pane, european windows. in my house.

August 25, 2017




This post is long overdue and could/should contain extensive thoughts, analysis and discussion. However in effort to keep up with everything, I'm dropping this beautiful piece of energy efficient design right here, right now. 


It took us many, many agonizing months to finalize our window decision.  We started with three quotes from European level, triple glaze window manufacturers - one of those being manufactured in the US - and one standard US window in both double and triple glaze.  Outcomes bullet pointed:


1) US window manufacturers along the lines of Marvin, Pella and Andersen's Architect windows are way, way more expensive in triple glaze.  Like way more. And get this, even the double glazed, substantially lower performance and quality windows were equal to the 'European' companies.


2) We really wanted to support the US manufactured, Passive House level window. And we got close to placing that order, and feel bad about that. However, we were having to substitute with another company for our doors and weren't getting exactly what we wanted in either.


3) In the time it took us to send out our first request for quotes, think and think and over-think, Zola Windows came out with their ThermoClad "ValueLine."  The price for these windows was very good and we could get doors and windows. We had a client that just placed an order and we could piggy-back shipping. It kind of was a no-brainer in that moment. 


The windows took forever to arrive! There are some logistic things there that need to be worked out. No perfect solutions yet.  


I've lived in a house with no operable windows; a house with windows painted shut; a house with 80-year-old single glazed double hung, broken chain, bullet hole glass windows; nice wood replacement, super leaky, double hung windows; and 15-year-old super shitty casements that ripped the skin off my thumb every time I tried to open them windows. I never thought I would have a window that opened so easily, felt like a serious piece of creation, made me smile on a daily basis, and gave me an amazing sense of security and comfort.


Despite my promise for a short post, I've gone on. To sum up, these windows smelled amazing.  Yes, I did say smell. (Another post to follow showing install details and final installs.)

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