window wells: our first major completion!

October 27, 2015

After many hours and pulled muscles, we finally adjusted our boulders to create what we feel is an inspirational artistic expression and will be a lovely view out of the downstairs windows.  In a moment of insanity we decided to relocate a very large boulder that was placed in the bottom of one of the wells to the top of the well – it is Michael’s breaching whale.  After a series of levering and straining, we decided to rope the boulder to the old Golf and combustion engine it out of the hole.  It worked and we now have our whale!  I was amazed at the weight of this thing, just to roll it and skooch it an inch was unbelievable.


That’s just how we roll!


We then planted our sedums and ferns and ground covers in effort to alleviate erosion and foliage it up.  I’m so excited to see these creep and crawl over the boulders and turn into a true boulder terrarium.  I hope they grow quickly because I am a bit concerned about mudslides….

Thanks to the crew at Planted Earth for the hard work that went into this project and for putting up with Michael’s boulder obsession.


I had moments of thinking we were crazy for doing this instead of a prefab plastic well, but it has brought something unique to our landscape and will be a truly enjoyable ‘place.’  Cedar loves hopping around and stacking small rocks – its like a natural playground! And true to our goal, we want everything we do to be inspirational.  Now for those big, beautiful windows!




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