About Us: Car(ri) + Mic(hael)

The CarMic House is designed and renovated by married couple Michael Hindle, CPHC and Carri Beer, AIA.  Michael is a Certified Passive House and Energy Consultant with Passive to Positive. Carri is a registered architect and has been studying and practicing sustainable architecture for 20 years and is Associate Principal at Brennan+Company Architects.  We could not do this without the wonderful input from our kids, Gus, Eva and Cedar.

Holistic Sustainability is the guiding philosophy of our home renovation in Catonsville, Maryland. We are looking at every aspect of our built, economic, agricultural and ecological environment and how the decisions we make affect it. We are taking into consideration our impact on the site, efficient use of water resources, healthy indoor air quality, efficient material and resource use, and aggressive energy use reductions using the Passive House Institute’s model and technologies.

Through our blog, we hope to share our research, lessons learned, adventures, and a few personal rantings. We welcome discussion and look forward to advancing the knowledge of homeowners, the design + build community, manufacturers, and all the other groups that are affected. 

We anticipate this being a cutting edge project, on the forefront of deeper sustainability, holistic “green” and Net Zero energy.



We had our eye on this classic mid-century modern beauty for years.  Both of our design inclinations are toward the simple forms and intersections of mid-century design.  A majority of our collected furniture had been sourced from yard sales and the local vintage stores and was of the 1950's-60's era.  We were in the market to purchase a house together - one that would house our blended family and be a project to showcase our design interests.  When this house came on the market, we were a bit taken aback by the work needed to be done.  After several months, the house price dropped and became a short sale so we decided to leap.

About The House: 1954 CarMic

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